It's more than just coaching, it's a lifestyle

$2,485 or 4 PAYMENTS of $444

What's Included?

15 Classes (90 Minutes) 


Weekly meditation + oracle card pull (30 minutes, every Wednesday, 15 additional sessions for FREE) 

7:00 PM Wednesday, Friday, Monday 

Access to the replay of videos in ButterflyPrana Facebook Group 

Access to ButterflyPrana monthly tea parties hosted in NYC

Access to texting community (receive personal texts on a daily basis and a place reach out for support when needed) 

Receive 30 pages downloadable PDF “The Prana Experience” workbook 

ButterflyPrana welcome box! 

Why should you join?

Experience cellular healing and deep transformation. 


Total mind, heart, soul elevation


The women in this container are all eager for more out of this life. They want to fulfil every wish and dream their heart desires, and they are doing just that by investing their time into themselves. 


The Prana Experience is a place, a community, where I can inspire women to profit from the pain they turned into their power to use their light in the pursuit of connecting back into their highest self. 


From neuro linguistic programming (NLP), where I am training them on how to truly love and accept themselves and get over mental hurdles that hold them back in their business, relationships, and spirituality. 


Using one of my favorite tools, ever, Time Techniques - I facilitate healing through journeying on your internal timeline where you can travel into past life, generational, and future memories where you learn about events that you are currently still holding onto in the subconscious mind. Learn about the karma you are currently ending the cycle of, learn from the event and release it so you can move forward fearlessly. 


Explore your subconscious mind to come into alignment with your soul mission, your life purpose. 


Become a master of your manifestations with forward pacing writing techniques, visualization techniques and law of attraction. 


In The Prana Experience, you will learn and understand the importance of vibration and staying connected to everything, yet, releasing attachment. 


Weekly “Business Prana”  sessions where you will dive deep into your business plans, pricing, strategy and branding. 


Learn how to scale your business in any industry without feeling pressure, comparison or burning out. 


This 7week program is for you if you feel…

Right now you feel… (nod your head at any that apply to you)

Disconnected - You know you have intuitive gifts but you don't fully trust them or understand them


Stagnant - You've hit a plateau in your career, your finances, and your lifestyle and just can't seem to get ahead


Lack - You simply do not feel fulfilled in your heart, your bank account or in your relationships and numbing it out with things that are not aligned with your highest self


Repetitive - Every week feels like the week before...


Now, imagine feeling connected, inspired, energized, and abundant each and every day !!


You will once you graduate from The Prana Experience.